Our proposal is to work together in the analysis, evaluation and optimization of fishing gear, through a software tool that allows to design and simulate without fuel cost.

The experience in the sea accumulated by years, allows the technicians of ACRUXSOFT to offer professional services for the improvement of their catches, with a lower cost and in less time.. 

  • Training workshop 

  • Analysis and optimization of fishing gear.

  • Development of simulation laboratories for universities and fishing training schools

  • Design of fishing nets

  • Fisheries consulting.

AcruxSoft has carried out projects to improve the activity, optimizing the design of fishing nets, training workshops, participation in international projects, lectures in Universities, creation of fishing simulation classrooms.

Their contributions have reached 30% fuel reduction and increasing catches with less time and in different countries: Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, South Africa, Spain, France, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Australia , New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, India and Iran.